Our investment philosophy is true to our name: advection.

Advection Growth Capital (“AGC”) has a simple model.  We use firm capital  to make investments in companies that fit AGC's criteria:  (1) AGC knows founders, senior executives and/or lead investors very well, and is confident in their integrity and competence (Team); (2) the company has the opportunity to transform an existing industry or through its innovation and model create whole new markets (TAM); (3) following our due diligence investigation, we believe the company has a path to 10x from AGC and its syndicate's entry point (10x Return Potential).  When we find a company we believe fits our criteria, we identify an investor from our network whom we believe will be best able to evaluate and add value to the opportunity.  We evaluate it together and invest time and capital if we agree it is compelling.  

We also assist our portfolio companies with strategic advice and capital raising.  The hallmark for Advection is trusted advice rooted in deep client and investor knowledge, alignment through investment, and broad commitment over the long term.